PK's Bike Shop

On our way from Ferdanida Beach Florida we stopped into PK’s bike shop. Owner Paul Pisani assisted with our quest for additional trailer tubes. Immediately, his interest peaked around our trip, and we bonded over both our groups missions – ours to find amazing people, places and experiences, and his to raise awareness around the rare disease Lissencephaly that inflicts his daughter Park Kate Pisani. His bike shop – PK’s Bike Shop – is a tribute to her and helps with his goal of raising awareness and donating money to Fernandian Beach Participatory Program which serves special need children in the North Florida area.

When asked what’s the most amazing thing that’s happened since he started the bike shop, without hesitation Paul noted,  

“It’s in providing cash donations to the school. Last year when we donated to the school, they started crying and said ‘We only receive money when one of the children pass!’.

Thanks for giving us a great view into your world Paul – you made our day and we’re glad crossed paths.