Later Nashville.....Time to Send It!!!!!

Hard to believe it’s nearly been 8 weeks since I’ve hit the road.  In some ways, it feels like I haven’t traveled very far, but when I look at a map, I see I’ve broken the 1000 mile barrier, and I’m about 20% of the way through the trip.  So, from that angle I feel pretty good.

Already in a short time, I’ve learned a ton, met amazing people, made friends, been adopted into new families and have been presented with future employment opportunities.   My rig lost a wheel (I simplified my rig, and sent the trailer I was pulling home with my parents), the route is potentially going to change (might go from West to East), and most significant of all, my travel buddy has decided to end his voyage in Nashville.   Traveling solo will have it’s pro’s and con’s as you’d expect.  It’s simple – no challenges for food options or routes!  On the flip side though, the loneliness I’ll experience will at times be extreme, and obviously I’ll be more vulnerable and will always have to be aware of my surroundings and concerned with safety (trust me Mom & Dad, I got this).  But looking back at how this trip started, I had originally planned to run it solo, so in some ways, it's funny to see how things come full-circle.

Today I leave Nashville after 2 weeks of being in the area, and I again look forward to the clarity and simplicity of ‘circles turning circles’.   The comforts on the road of a bed and full sized pillow (that’s what I miss the most of everything) come at price, as the daily routine and flow of a cycling tour builds and becomes easier the more you ride.  So, taking time with friends on the road is amazing, but I’ve realized it also causes a high amount of mental strain that you don’t experience when you just ride your bike everyday.  Like all things in life, I'm realizing balance is the key.

Everyday I wake up and feel extremely grateful for the experiences I’m presented with.  I miss my family and friends extremely, but know life is long, and I will one day return to my life of normality, so for now, I’m planning to Send It and see where this crazy life takes me.  

God Speed!